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Legújabb cd-je,Breakout:


-7 things(single version)

-The driveway

-Girls just wanna have fun

-Full circle

-Fly On the wall

-Bottom of the ocean

-Wake up America

-These four walls

-Simple song


-See you again(Rock maffia remix)

Régebbi cd,Best of both world:

Best Of Both Worlds
Who Said
Just Like You
Pumpin' Up The Party
If We Were A Movie
I've Got Nerve
The Other Side Of Me
This Is The Life
I Learned From You

Meet Miley Cyrus:

We Got The Party (With Us)
Nobody's Perfect
Make Some Noise
Rock Star
Old Blue Jeans
Life's What You Make It
One In A Million
Bigger Than Us
You And Me Together
True Friend
See You Again
East Northumberland High
Let's Dance
G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)
Right Here
As I Am
Start All Over
Good And Broken
I Miss You